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Rooster Rampage

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Rooster Rampage is a chicken based zombie shooter. Engage your inner chicken in the single player campaign to fend off hordes of zombies across amazing chicken inspired worlds, or locate a nearby Rampage in action!

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UE4 Game Jam Submission. A charming platformer with bro-bots tasked with saving space cats!

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Colton And Buster

UE4 Game Jam Help save baby pingos from the clutches of evil, in this fast paced action combat game.  Each boss hold one pingo captive, only you and your brave sidekick buster can save them. Every pingo counts!

Squishing Pumkins

Squishing Pumkins is a charming, cute, and fun, physics based casual game. Launch your Pumkins to defend the Mystic Pumkin Castle against hordes of Blumquist’s army in 50 exciting levels! Blumquist desires the powers of the mystic Pumkin Castle to become the most powerful overlord Pumkin butcher in the realm of Hollowed Eve. Download and get Squishing now!!

* Use the mighty power of squishing that Pumkins have developed over eons, to keep the
Mystic Pumkin Castle safe
* Battle through hoards of enemies in 50 levels of gameplay!
* Meet awesome enemies to squish.

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Pin_Straction is a fun timing based game that is made just to distract you. A simple and minimalist game, the goal is to shoot pins into the target without hitting your own pins. Show that you are pin it to win it!